Since 1995 we are executing various construction projects. These projects included major civil works and building projects. We are currently busy in the greater George and Plettenberg Bay area executing a network maintenance project for Telkom SA.

Our approach is to bring you a team that can work and interact with you, to produce and provide a successful, effective and professional service to you and your clients.

We believe that the team will react within the specified time frames to your request, as well as identify and solve problems within the required time frame with the necessary interaction and discussion. Furthermore, we believe that our core team members offer essential and valuable knowledge and experience to any project.

Jerome Liberty is currently the MD in charge of the National Office in Port Elizabeth. His understanding of the interrelationships between Inyani and various clients over the years and his comprehension of the strengths of his different team members has maximize the Company’s relevant input in any project. These strengths of the individual players, and others if necessary, can be leverage to the best advantage of any client.


We are currently employing more than 150 fulltime employees and quite a number of contract employees in the local communities where our projects are executed in. This is in line with our community upliftment and black economic empowerment programmes. 

Inyani, being a Black Economic Empowerment Entity, recognise the power and potential of empowering the previous disadvantaged groups, and therefore we have developed an affirmative action policy that works.  Already we boast workforces of not less than 98% black employees, form labourers right up to management.

Since we are acting as representatives of our clients, it is common practice for our employees to enhance and maintain a good relationship with the public and local authorities, and to act in accordance with our client’s values and vision

Based on these facts and Inyani’s vast experience and excellent track record, there is no doubt that we certainly exceed the requirement & criteria to execute any contract.


Under the Apartheid System which was implemented by the National Party Government, in power from 1948 to 1994, all South Africans were classified by race, with whites, or those of European descent, given preferential access to ownership of land and business assets, housing, sport, police services, education and amenities, while blacks enjoyed second-class status. As in most countries in the world, women and the handicapped were, and continued to be, discriminated against in the workplace.

The founding of INYANI in January 1995 and its mere existence is a direct result of the South African constitution adopted after the 1994 democratic elections. Therefore we consider ourselves to be in partnership with the government of today to create a non-bias society.

Through affirmative hiring and promotion practices we at INYANI can proudly say that we are a true reflection of the demographics of this country. In 1997 we realised that we had to do more to uplift local communities with respect to health care, sport, policing, housing, education, etc. Ever since this decision it has become company policy to identify people/institutions annually to benefit from our social responsibility program.

The following list provides details of people/institutions that benefited from our current social responsibility program.


INYANI provides the Nelson Mandela Metropole with a mobile clinic, to provide general health care and serve HIV & AIDS patients in the metropolitan area to the value of R250 000.00.This project is administered in conjunction with the Nelson Mandela Metropole in Port Elizabeth.


We’re currently sponsoring two soccer teams in the Ipelegeng Location in the Schweizer-Reneke area. One being a ladies soccer club named Leeds Ladies Football Club and the other Leeds United Football Club. Over the last 12 to 16 months we spend more than R15 000.00 on kit and transport on these two teams.


In January 2002 we assisted the Hendrik Louw Primary School, in Strand, Cape Town, by upgrading and refurbishing their desks. We ploughed  +- R10 000.00 into this venture.

Three years ago we started and sponsored a Night School in Port Elizabeth to give people without any form of formal education a second chance in life. Today this school has grown from strength to strength and we now employ six teachers and a fulltime administration clerk.


INYANI spend more than R150 000.00 assisting the local community in Ennerdale, Johannesburg to fight crime in their township, by upgrading the police station to create a better working environment for the police officers and establish better relationship between them and the public.


Every year we identify an employee, from the previous disadvantaged, within the company that’s in need of decent accommodation for him/herself and his/her family. Over the past three years we have build three houses, and still counting, at a cost of +- R180 000.00.